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How do I clear the message "Replace Drums"?

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1.    Turn off the printer power switch and unplug the Brother machine. The power switch is located on the lower right side of the machine.




2.    Completely open the top cover of the machine. The top cover should lock in place.


Note: Failure to completely open the top cover of the machine when removing and installing consumables may damage the machine or make removal or installation of the consumable difficult or impossible.




3.    Remove the drum and toner cartridge assemblies.





-      We recommend that you place the drum and toner units on clean, flat surface protected from minor toner spills.


-      Handle the toners carefully. If toner scatters on your hands or clothes, wipe or wash it off with cold water at once.


-      Avoid touching the shaded areas in the photo below.




4.    Push down the green-labeled lock lever (1) and take the toner cartridge out of the drum unit.




5.    Unpack the new drum unit and remove the protective cover.


Note: Avoid exposing the new drum unit to direct room or sunlight




6.    Put the toner cartridge firmly into the new drum unit until you hear it lock into place.




7.    Clean the corona wire of the drum unit by sliding the corona wire cleaner from left to right and from right to left approx 10 times. Be sure to place the corona wire cleaner back in the home position when the cleaning has been completed (the corona wire cleaner is all the way to the left side of the drum unit and the arrows on the corona wire cleaner and the drum are aligned).


8.    Slide the drum unit and the toner cartridge assembly into the machine. Make sure that you match the toner cartridge color to the same color label on the machine.


9.    Close the top cover of the machine. Plug in the power cord of the Brother machine. Turn on the power.


10.   When you replace a drum unit with a new one, you need to reset the drum counter by completing the following steps:

a.   Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Machine Info. Press the OK key.


b.   Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Reset Parts Life. Press the OK key.


c.   Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select Drum Unit. Press the OK key.


d.   Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key to select the color drum unit that you replaced.


e.    Press the OK key two times.


f.     Repeat Step 10a through Step 10e for additional drums (if needed).



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