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How do I download and install the full driver and software package for Windows 7 using a local USB connection?

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1. Make a temporary directory on your hard disc drive to save the downloaded self-extracting file. To make a temporary directory, follow the steps below:


a. Click on Start => Computer.


b. Double click on your Local Disk Drive (ex: Local Disk (x:), where 'x' is the letter of your local hard drive)


c. Click on New Folder.


d. Type: BrotherXXXX to rename the folder. (Where XXXX is the model of your Brother machine).


2. Open your Internet browser and type on the address bar.


3. Select your Product Group, Model, and click View.


4. Click on the link under Your Results.


5. Under Step 1: Select OS, select your operating system.


6. Under Step 2: Select Language select English.


7. A Search button will appear after you select your language. Click on the Search button.


8. Locate Full Driver & Software Package and click on Information & Download.


9. Make note of the instructions on this page that state the directory path of the files once they have been extracted.  This will assist you with locating the correct file after you have extracted the download.


10. Click on the Download button near the bottom of the screen.


11. On the End-User License Agreement for Brother Software page click I Accept if you accept the license agreement.


12. Click Save.


13. You will be prompted to save the file again.  Double click Computer => Local Disk (X:) => BROTHERXXXX and click SAVE.  The drivers will download.





1. Unplug or turn off the power to the Brother machine.  Make sure the USB cable is not connected to the Brother machine.


2. Click on Start => Computer.


3. Double click on your Local Disk Drive (ex: Local Disk (x:), where 'x' is the letter of your local hard drive)


4. Locate the folder you created earlier labeled BrotherXXXX and double click on it.


5. Locate the file you downloaded and double click on it, then click Run.


6. It will launch a zip self decompression window, click Browse to select the folder you saved the file in. Click Unzip.


7. You will get a message stating: The decompression process was successful. Click OK. Make a note of the folder that was created.


8. Double click the folder that was created during the decompression.


9. Double click eu => install => usa => inst => Setup.exe.


10.  Select your Country/Language and click OK.


NOTE: US English speakers, should select USA, not ENG.


11.  On the License Agreement page, click YES if you agree to the license agreement.


12. Select "Standard" or "Local" depending on your model, and then click Next.


13. If you do not want to monitor the machine's status and error notifications from your computer, uncheck Enable Status Monitor.  Otherwise, leave the box checked. Click Next


14. When prompted to connect the machine, connect the USB cable between the Brother machine and your computer.


NOTE:  Ensure you connect the cable to the correct port on your Brother machine.  We recommend a USB type A/B cable that is no longer than 6 feet, directly connected between the Brother machine and the computer.


15. Turn on the Brother machine. The installation should automatically continue.


16. When the On-Line Registration screen is displayed, click Next.


17. Select Yes, I Want To Restart My Computer and click Finish to restart your computer. You will need to log back in with Administrator rights.


18. Once the computer restarts, you will be prompted to select an option for firmware update notification. Make your selection and click OK.


NOTE: Internet service is required for any firmware updates.

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