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How do I insert a symbol into the label?

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To insert a symbol:


1.  Press the SYMBOL key, which is the 2nd key from the left on the bottom row containing a @ sign, star and picture of a telephone.


2.  Press the LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW key until Basic/Pictograph appears on the display.


3.  Press the RETURN key, the key with the broken arrow pointing left.


4.  The rows of symbols (A to L) in the Pictograph table can be selected by pressing the corresponding character.


5.  Press the LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW key to highlight the desired symbol.


6.  Press the RETURN key to select and insert.


NOTETo go to the next group, press the Symbol key again.  You may also print all symbols in the

pictograph table by pressing the symbol key, then press the left or right arrow until "Print List" appears.  Press the return Key.  Next "Print OK" appears, press the return key again.

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