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How do I run the uninstall tool to remove Plug and Play drivers from Windows?

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Brother has provided a utility that will remove plug and play drivers from your Microsoft Windows operating system.  This utility can be downloaded from the Brother website.   Perform the steps below to remove these drivers:


NOTE: If your machine came with a software CD, you may also run the tool by browsing to the location of the tool on the disc.  The location will vary, but is usually listed as Rempnp or Delinf within a folder labeled "Tool".  Continue to the steps below to download the latest version of the Uninstall Tool.


1. For instructions on how to download the Uninstall Tool, refer to the solution: "How do I navigate the Brother website to download software, drivers, and utilities?"


2.  Locate the file you downloaded and double click on it.  If prompted click RUN.


3.  A ZIP Self Decompression window will launch.  Browse to the location where you would like to save the file and click Decompress(X).


4.  You will get a message stating: "The decompression process was successful."  Click OK.


5.  Double click on the folder that was created during the decompression. It will be labeled: Rempnp or Delinf.  The downloaded file will vary depending on your model and operating system.


6.  Double click on the file labeled BrRemPNP.exe or Delinf32.exe.


NOTE:  You may not see the file extension .exe if the computer is set to hide known file types.  In this case, be sure you select the file that is an executable application.


7.  Depending on which version of the tool you are using, you may have to select the tab that indicates your product type.


8.  Select the Brother machine from the dropdown and click OK.






9.   Once the uninstall has completed, click OK again.


10.  Now disconnect the USB cable from your Brother machine and computer.  The uninstall is complete.


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