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Why doesn't the paper feed?


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Please note that the paper pickup roller is designed to freely turn well past 360 degrees.


 1. Ensure that the paper cassette has been properly prepared. Ensure that the lid has been firmly folded and creased at the fold.


 2. Ensure the paper cassette cover has been securely closed.  With the cassette cover open rotate the free end of the cassette cover downward until it reaches the black frame, the spring tension on the paper cassette should be felt as the free end of the cover contacts the black frame.  With the paper cassette cover in this position push the cassette cover toward the paper exit slot.  The top edge of the paper cassette cover should be flush with the top of the printer.


 3. The paper may be dirty.  Remove the paper cassette and remove the back sheet of paper, the sheet on the bottom when the cassette is installed, and reinstall the paper cassette.


 4. There is a chance the pick-up roller may be dirty. The pickup roller may be cleaned by affixing a piece of cellophane tape to the roller and covering the entire surface with the tape, then removing the tape.  If after using the cellophane tape you are still experiencing a paper feed issue clean the roller with a clean lent free cloth moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol being sure to clean the entire surface.  Please do not allow the alcohol to drip into the machine.


 If the problem persists your machine may need to be evaluated.


 The machine has a one year limited warranty. If the machine is in warranty, call Brother Customer Service at 1-800-543-6144 for warranty options.


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