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My printer indicates that there is no paper when there is paper present, why?

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1. The cardboard paper cassette is required by the printer to identify the fact that paper is present as well as the type of paper present.  If the paper pages have been taken out of the cardboard paper cassette and placed in the printer, the printer will not recognize the paper type or that the paper is present in the machine. Replace the paper with a new paper cassette.


NOTE: The pages of paper in the paper cassette should never be taken out of the paper cassette. Each page of paper has only one printable side.  It is very difficult to tell which side of the paper is the printable side. Any paper that has inadvertently come out of the paper cassette should be thrown away.


2. The paper cassette may be empty.  Check the paper cassette and see if there is any paper, if no paper is present replace the paper cassette


3. The paper cassette may not be properly aligned. There is a vertical black and white bar located on the corner of one side of the paper cassette. This vertical black and white bar should be placed face down in the upper left side of the paper compartment and the paper cassette identifier should be face up.  When the paper cassette cover has been closed the paper cassette identifier should be seen through the clear window in the cassette cover.


 4. The sensors used to identify the vertical back and white bar may be dirty.  With a dry cotton swab clean any lint or dust out of the sensors.  These sensors are located in the bottom of the paper cassette compartment in the upper left side.


 5. In some printers there will be a paper sensor located in the bottom of the paper cassette compartment on the lower left side of the compartment, below the vertical black and white bar sensors.  If present, this sensor should be cleaned with a dry cotton swab.


 6. Clean the paper pick-up roller, affix a piece of cellophane tape to the exposed surface to the pick-up roller and then remove the tape, turn the pick-up roller and repeat the process until the entire surface of the roller is clean. If after using the cellophane tape you are still experiencing a problem clean the roller with a clean lent free cloth moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol being sure to clean the entire surface.  Please do not allow the alcohol to drip into the machine.


 If the problem persists your machine may need to be evaluated.


 The machine has a one year limited exchange warranty.  If the machine is in warranty, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-Brother (1-877-478-6824) for warranty options.


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