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Getting error message wrong media size installed in Editor 5.0, even if I change to another size tape. How can I correct this?

Description of Solution 200000024801

1. Turn on the P-Touch/Label machine and ensure the USB cable is connecting directly between the PC’s USB port and the P-touch/Label machine (not to a USB hub).


2. Open the P-touch Editor application.


3. Click on File at menu bar and then select Printer/Page Setup.


4. Under the Printer Setup tab, ensure the P-touch/Label machine model is selected in the Application Matching Printer.


5. Click on the Page Setup tab and then the Check Media button. If you are getting an error message: Printer is off-line or no media is installed.  Please perform the steps below:


a)   Swap the USB cable with a known working USB cable and then click on Check Media.  Go to the next step if this error is still existed.


b)   Swap the tape cartridge/roll with a different one and then click on Check Media. Go to the next step if this error is still existed.


c)    Check the switch sensors (located on the left or right corner of the tape cartridge/roll compartment) ensure they are not blocked or stuck or pressed down by any objects.


If the problem persists, your machine may require service.

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