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Why is my printer printing a blank page?

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First we will do a printer self print:


1. With a paper cassette properly installed, turn on the printer by pressing the ON/OFF SWITCH, the indicator light will glow green


2. With the printer on, the indicator light glowing green, press and hold the ON/OFF SWITCH. The indicator light will go off for a few seconds then start blinking green.


Note: With the printer off, pressing and holding the on/off switch will cause the indicator light to blink green, but the printer will not print on the paper as it feeds through the machine


3. When the indicator light blinks green release the ON/OFF SWITCH, the printer will start printing.


4. If the page has not been printed on, please try a new paper cassette. If the paper in the paper cassette has been placed in the cassette so that the backside of the page is exposed to the print head, the image will not print on the backside of the page; therefore, there will be no print on the page. With some of our paper products, there is no visual indication of which side of the paper is the front or back of the page. Thus, it is recommended that the paper never be removed from the original paper cassette.


If the problem persists, your machine may require service.


The machine has a one year limited depot warranty. If the machine requires service, call Brother Mobile Solutions Customer Service at 1-800-255-0415 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays for a Return Authorization number.


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