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How do I add a new label roll size format?

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1. Click on Start, go to the Control Panel, and select Printer (for XP Printers and Faxes).


2. Right click on the TD4000/4100N printer and select Printing Preferences.


3. In the PT4000/4100N Printing Preferences dialog box, click on Paper Size Setup.


4. In the Paper Size Setup dialog box, click New.


5.    In the New dialog box under Paper Size Name enter a name for the new size.  For example 2-3/7 x 4 for a die cut label roll size or just 3 for a three inch continuous length tape roll.


6.    Below the new size name there is a box next to Continuous length tape.  If you are entering a new size for a continuous length tape roll, click on it so that a check mark appears in the box.


7.    Enter the value for Width of the label.  For example, enter 2.43 for 2-3/7.


8.    Enter the value for Length of the label.  If you place a check mark for Continuous length tape, the Length value box will be gray out.


9.    Enter the value for Width of Backing Paper.  This is the space (gap) between the top or bottom edge of the die cut label/continuous length tape to the edge of the backing tape.


10.  Enter the value for Label Spacing.  This is the gap between the die cut labels on the roll.  For continuous tape the box will be gray out.


11.  Margins Along Label Width and Length settings are how close to the edge the image should be printed on the label, leave it as factory default (always have some space).


12.  Click Add when all the settings are entered.


13.  The name of the new paper size will appear in the Currently Registered Paper Sizes list on the right.  If you need to back and change the settings for a label size, click on the name of the label size and then click Edit (except for the one with RD in front). Click Exit, when finish.


14.   After clicking Exit in Paper Size Setup, a message appear stating that if a software application (P-touch Editor) is opened, it needs to be close and re-open again in order for the new paper size to appear in the software application.  Click OK and OK again to close the TD4000/4100N Printing Preferences dialog box. 


15.  Open P-touch Editor, the new paper size should appear on the list.

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