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Description of Problem 100000019746

Whenever I selected a particular size label, the print out is too light or too dark, all the other label sizes are OK. How can I correct this ?

Description of Solution 200000024991

1.    Click on Start, go to the Control Panel, and select Printer (for XP Printers and Faxes).


2.    Right click on the TD4000/4100N printer and select Printing Preferences.


3.    In the TD4000/4100N Printing Preferences dialog box, click on Paper Size Setup.


4.    In the Paper Size Setup dialog box it list the entire label sizes, click on the label size that having the problem (the label size will be highlighted) and then click Edit.


5.    In the Edit dialog box, click on Advanced Printing Adjustments.


6.    Click on the drop down arrow for Energy Rank and select Low to print lighter or High to print darker.


7.    Click OK to exit the Advanced Printing Adjustments.


8.    Click Overwrite to save the change and exit the ?Edit? dialog box.


9.    Click Exit again.


10. After clicking Exit in Paper Size Setup, a message appear stating that if a software application (P-touch Editor) is opened, it needs to be close and re-open again in order for the new paper size to appear in the software application.  Click OK and OK again to close the TD4000/4100N Printing Preferences dialog box. 


11.  Open P-touch Editor, print out a label and check the image.


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