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Description of Problem 100000019756

Why does the machine not turn on (no power) when the Power On/Off button is pressed?

Description of Solution 200000025000

1. Ensure the main power switch on the back of the printer is in the ON position.  If yes, flip the switch to OFF and then back to ON again.


 2. Check that the AC adapter connector is connected to the back of the printer.  If yes, unplug the AC adapter connector from the printer and plug it back in again.


 3. Ensure the power cord is securely plugged into the AC adapter and to the electrical outlet


 4. The recommend adapter for this printer is the AD9100ES.   Ensure the label on the adapter indicates that it is an AD9100ES with an Output of 24V 2.5 Amp. Using a wrong adapter can DAMAGE the machine internally and void the warranty.


 5. Try the machine on another electrical outlet.  If possible test the electrical outlet with another electrical device.


 If the problem persists, your machine or the AC adapter may require service.


 Click on the link for information on warranty and service


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