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There is no print on the paper. How can I correct this?

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There are several factors that can cause the typewriter to not make an impression on the paper.  Please follow the steps listed below to eliminate the most common causes for this problem.


  1. Is the daisy wheel locked in the forward position?
    1. Pull the black lever back, away from the platen.
    2. Lift out the daisy wheel and inspect it for damage; replace the daisy wheel if it is damaged.
    3. Re-insert the daisy wheel and push the black lever towards the platen until it locks in place.
  2. Is the ribbon moving?
    1. Lift the ribbon cartridge out of the typewriter
    2. Inspect the ribbon for damage
    3. If the ribbon is silver, it is exhausted and must be replaced
    4. If the hammer has been striking in one place, there will be a clear area near the center of the ribbon.
    5. Turn the colored knob on the left side of the ribbon cartridge counter-clockwise to advance the ribbon a small amount.  Replace the ribbon if it will not advance.
    6. Re-insert the ribbon
  3. Turn on the typewriter, insert a piece of paper into the typewriter and type a few letters
    1. Did the hammer move forward?
    2. If the hammer moved, did the ribbon advance with each keystroke?


If the hammer did not move or the ribbon did not advance, the typewriter will require service. If the typewriter still does not make an impression on the paper, your typewriter will require service.


To locate a Brother Authorized Service Center for repair click on the link below: .  Or you may call 1-877-276-8437 and our representative will provide you with the nearest Brother Authorized Service Center


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