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How to Remove/Uninstall (Ptsweep) the Ptouch/Label Driver in Windows Operating System?

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The following steps are example of uninstalling the QL570 printer driver on a PC running Windows 7 64-bit Operating System. 

The RED box in the illustrations indicate where you should click to perform the task.

a)   Close all the Windows applications.

b)   Disconnect the USB cable from the PC's USB port.  

c)    Turn the power off on the PTouch Label machine.

2. Go to the link below:

3. Click on the series that match your printer.

(The example below is for the QL Series Label Printer The steps for alternative models will be similar)

Note:  Before clicking the Download button for your Model and Operating System, please confirm whether your Operating System version is 32 bit or 64 bit.  Click on the Start icon (For Windows 8, click on Desktop icon); right click on Computer, and then select Property.  Your operating system version that displays under System Type.

4. Click on the Download button that matches your model and Operating System.

(Below example is for QL-570 on Windows 7 64-bit Operating System dialog screens may be different on alternate Operating Systems.)

5. Please READ the user license agreement before clicking I Accept.

6. Click Save button.



7. Click Open folder button.



8. Double click on the downloaded file below to perform the unzip process. 



9. Click Run.

10. Click Unzip.

11. Double click on the Unzip folder.

12. Double click on the ptsweep file.

13. Click on the Run button to remove the existing/old driver, and then restart the PC when you are done.

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