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How can I reduce paper curl?

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Due to the machine’s high print speed and compact size, a small degree of paper curl can be expected.


Other factors may contribute to an increase in paper curl:

·         Temperature: 50 - 90.5°F (10 - 32.5°C)

·         Humidity:  20 - 80% (without condensation)

·         Media type and weight.



·         Plain paper: Xerox 4200 20 lb or Hammermill Laser Print 24 lb

·         Recycled paper: No specific brand recommended. Must meet DIN 19309 specifications.

·         Transparency: 3M CG3300

·         Labels: Avery laser labels white #5160


Listed below are steps that may reduce paper curl:


1.    If you do not use the Brother machine very often, the paper may have been in the paper tray too long.


a.    Remove the paper from the tray.


b.    Turn over the paper stack so that the top page is now on bottom.


c.    Rotate the paper stack so that the front is now at the back.


d.    Reload the paper into the tray, making sure that the paper guides are set to the correct size and that the top of the paper stack is below the maximum paper level.


2.    Toggle the position of the anti-curl switch:


a.    Turn the machine around so the back of the machine is facing you.


b.    Open the rear cover.




c.    Engage the anti-curl switch:


  i.    Lift the tab as shown in the image below.


 ii.    Slide the gray plastic anti-curl switch to the right.

d.    If the anti-curl switch was already moved to the right prior to the steps above, disengage the switch by moving it to the left.


e.    Close the back cover.


3.    Enable the Reduce Paper Curl option in the driver settings:


  • Windows PCL printer driver: Go to STEP a.
  • Windows® PS driver: Go to STEP b.
  • Macintosh® driver: Go to STEP c.



a.    Windows®  PCL printer driver:


  i.    Click the Advanced tab and then OTHER PRINT OPTIONS... button.



 ii.    Click IMPROVE PRINT OUTPUT and then select Reduce Paper Curl.


b.    Windows® PS driver:


  i.    Click the ADVANCED... button.


 ii.    Select Reduce Paper Curl from the list to the right of Improve Print Output.



c.    Macintosh® driver:


  i.    From Print Settings, click ADVANCED, then click IMPROVE PRINT OUTPUT... and select Reduce Paper Curl.

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