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How to Download and Install the Ptouch Editor in Windows Operating System?

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The following steps are example of downloading and installing the QL570 P-touch Editor software on a PC running Windows 7 64-bit Operating System.  The RED box in the illustrations indicates where you should click on.

1. Please go to

2. Under Service & Support, click on Downloads/FAQs/Help & More.


3. Select the type of machine under Select Product Group, select the Model of your machine, and then click View

(Below example for selecting the Brother QL-570 model.)

4. Under Drivers & Downloads, click on Downloads on our Online Solution Center.

5. Under Step 1: Select OS, select your PC Operating System version and then click Search.

(Below example is for selecting Windows 7 64-bit.)

6. Under P-touch Editor, click on Information & Download.


7. Please read the How to Download and Install instructions and then click on the Download button.

8. Enter the last 9 characters of the machine serial in the box next to Submit Query and then click Submit Query.

9. Please READ the user license agreement before clicking I Accept.


10. Click Save.

11. You can save the file either in Downloads or Desktop.  Select your choice at the left side of the Save As dialog box and then click Save.


12. Click the Start icon on the bottom left corner and then click on Computer.


13. Click on where the downloaded file saved at, Downloads or Desktop and then double click on the P-touch Editor file that was saved in step 11.  A dialog box will appear; follow the instructions to install the application.


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