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How do I download and install the full driver and software package for Windows?

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1.  A compatible software disc may be available for your model machine and operating system.  Please visit for more information on how to obtain a software disc.  For download instructions, continue to STEP 2.



2.  For instructions on how to navigate the Brother website to download the software, please click here.



3.  For Wireless users only refer to one of the following solutions for instructions on how to connect the Brother machine to your network:


-      "How do I join the Brother machine to an Infrastructure Wireless Network?" (Connected to a computer through an Access Point/Router - Recommended) 


-      "How do I join the Brother machine to an Adhoc Wireless Network?" (Connected directly to a wireless capable computer without an Access Point/Router). 


4.  For instructions on how to install the Full Driver and Software Package once it has been downloaded, click on the link in the chart below that corresponds to the Operating System and Connection Type:





Wired Network

Wireless Network


 2000, XP, Vista, 7

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Windows: 8, 8.1

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here



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