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How can I uninstall the printer driver in Macintosh OS X?

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NOTE: If several Brother machines are installed to your Macintosh and you want to uninstall only one of the drivers, it is required that you uninstall all of them at once and then re-install the drivers for machines you need. (You cannot uninstall the driver of a specific machine separately.)


1.    For local users: disconnect the USB cable between the Macintosh and your Brother machine.


2.    Log on as an "Administrator".


3.    Open Print & Scan.  Refer to the following solution for instructions if needed - "How do I open Print & Scan in Macintosh OS X?" 


4.    Choose the machine and click the Minus (-) button which is located below the Printers section.  If prompted, click Delete Printer.




5.    Repeat STEP 4 for all installed Brother machines.


6.    Drag the Brother folder (MacintoshHD => Library => Printers => Brother) into the Trash bin.




7.    Choose MacintoshHD -> Library -> Printers -> PPDs -> Contents to open the Resources folder, and drag all Brother xxx-xxxx CUPS.gz files and Brother xxx-xxxx.gz files into the Trash bin.




8.    Empty the trash bin.


9.    Restart the Macintosh by clicking the Apple Menu and Restart….

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