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How do I install,change,replace the ink/cassette ribbon?

Description of Solution 200000028230

To install, replace, change the ink/cassette ribbon:

1. Use the Space bar or the Backspace key to move the carriage to the center of the platen.

2. To remove the cassette ribbon, hold the cassette with both hands and raise the front end (near the platen).

3. Lift the used cassette up and out.

4. Remove the stopper from the new cassette ribbon and turn the ribbon feed knob counterclockwise to tighten the ribbon.

5. Place the lugs on the back edge of the cassette into the locating holes in the cassette ribbon table and slide the ribbon between the ribbon guides.

6. With the ribbon set between the ribbon guides, press the cassette down until it locks into place.

7. Turn the ribbon feed knob again slightly counterclockwise to tighten the ribbon.

8. Close the cover.

9. Press the CODE key and RESET key to move the carrier to the previous position.


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