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How do I charge the battery in my pocket jet printer

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Using a Ni-MD battery:


Any time the printer is connected with a working Brother AC adapter or a working Brother DC power cord the battery is being trickle charged. 


The procedure to perform a charge is as follows:


1. Make sure the printer is connected to an AC power outlet with the AC adapter and power cord or a DC power cord.


2. Make sure the printer is off, the power, data, and error indicators will be off.


3. Press the power button and hold it down for a few seconds until the power indicator light begins to alternately blink green and orange.  This indicates that the battery is being prepared for a deep charge cycle.  The battery will start charging and the power indicator will blink green until the battery is charged.


4. The maximum time to completely charge a battery is approximately 120 minutes. 


Please NOTE: To end the charge cycle before the battery is completely charged press the power button twice quickly.



Using the Li-ion battery:


The Li-ion battery can be charged installed in the printer or in a standalone configuration. 


Important: The Li-ion battery cannot be trickle charged.


To charge the battery:


1.  If the battery is connected to the printer make sure that the printer is turned off.


2. Use the AC adaptor and AC power cord to connect the battery to an AC outlet or a DC cable to connect the battery to a DC power outlet and the battery indicator will glow orange. 


3. When the battery is fully charged the battery indicator will turn off. 


4. The maximum time to completely charge the battery is approximately 180 minutes.

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