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How do I adjust how the tape is fed and cut?

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NOTE: The Cut function enables you to specify how the tape is fed out after it is printed. The settings of the CUT function consist of combinations of two different cut methods:

cut-pause (where the machine stops printing so the label can be cut ) and chain printing (where the last copy is not fed out to be cut, reducing the amount of tape that is wasted).

Chain printing is an economical function designed to help eliminate wasted tape at the beginning of labels. Without chain printing, the excess from the previous printing session is cut before the first label in the current session is printed. However, if a setting using chain printing is selected, the last label in the previous session remains in the machine (is not fed out), so that the next label can be printed without wasting tape. When the last label is printed, press the FEED/Back Light key to feed the chain of labels, and then press the tape cutter to cut it.

The following settings are available: (The default setting is 1.)

      1(cut-pause; no chain printing)


      2(no cut-pause; no chain printing)


      3(cut-pause; chain printing)


      4(no cut-pause; chain printing)


To change the cut option:

1. Press the CODE key, then press the Z key.

2. Press the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW key until CUT is displayed.

3. Press the UP or DOWN ARROW key until the desired setting is displayed, and then press the NEW BLOCK key.

NOTE: After printing with the CUT function set the 3 or 4, OK TO FEED? will appear. Press NEW BLOCK to feed. Press the BS key to return to entering text mode.


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