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No default E-mail client is registered on my computer or the document is attached to the wrong E-mail application when trying to scan a document using ControlCenter or the Scan key on the Brother machine. What can I do?

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The Scan to E-mail feature allows you to scan a document directly into your E-mail application, but your E-mail application needs to be configured as the default E-mail application. Please follow the steps below.


NOTE: Illustrations shown below are from a representative operating system, and may differ from your operating system.


1. Log on as an administrator.


2. Complete one of the following steps depending on your operating system:


Windows XP users:

-         Click Start => Control Panel => Add or Remove Programs => Set Program Access and Defaults => Custom.

Windows Vista/ Windows 7 Users:

-      Click Start => Control Panel => Programs => Default Programs => Set program access and computer defaults => Custom.


Windows 8 or 8.1 Users:


  1. From the Desktop move the mouse into the lower right corner and choose Settings from the Charms bar.


  1. Click Control Panel => Programs => Default Programs => Set program access and computer defaults => Custom


3. Choose the E-mail application you are using in the Choose a default e-mail program section, and click OK.

NOTE: Webmail services are not supported by the Scan to E-mail feature.


If you have trouble adjusting your default E-mail client, please contact your computer manufacturer, ISP, or system admin for additional support.


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