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How do I create a label with multiple lines?

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1. Type the desired information for line 1.

2. Press the Enter key to proceed to line 2.

3. Enter the text for line 2.

4. For additional line, repeat steps 2 & 3.

Note: Do not press the ENTER key after the last line of text.  The maximum number of text lines that can be printed depends on the width of tape installed.


0.13 inch (9/64) (3.5mm)                      1

0.23 inch (1/4) (6mm)                          2

0.35 inch (3/8) (9mm)                          2

0.47 inch (1/2) (12mm)                         3

0.70 inch (3/4) (18mm)                         5

5. Press the Print key.

NOTE: Error message Tape Width Limit! Max # Lines appears if # of lines entered are over the Maximum Number.

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