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Description of Problem 100000023222

When I press the Scan button, my computer's name does not appear or I receive a message on the LCD stating: Check Cable or Check Connection. I'm using a Windows computer and a network connection. What can I do?

Description of Solution 200000029608

Before you begin, ensure all active firewalls are disabled.  Once you are able to scan, re-enable the firewall to make sure it is not blocking the required network connection. Click here for information about required firewall ports. 



1.  Print the Network Configuration list:


  1. Press MENU, 6 (Print Reports), 6 (Network Config), BLACK START.  The report will print.


  1. Verify that the Brother machine has a valid IP address for your network. If there IP address is not valid, then the machine will need to be connected to the network using the initial setup instructions.


NOTE:  An invalid IP address would be all zeroes, an APIPA address (169.254.x.x) on an Infrastructure network, or an address within an incorrect range for your network.



2.  Verify the computer's network connection:


  1. On the computer, click Start => Run (or in the Search line).


  1. Type: CMD and press ENTER.


  1. A command prompt window will open.


  1. Type: IPCONFIG and press ENTER.


  1. You should receive information about your computer's network connection.  Make a note of the IP or IPv4 Address.  You may have to scroll to see all IP addresses.


NOTE: If the computer has multiple network connections (two or more IP or IPv4 addresses), then you will need to disable all but one.  If you cannot determine how to disable the connections, refer to your Network/Computer Admin or Router Manufacturer for support.


If you have no IP or IPv4 address, then the computer is not on the network.  Refer to your Network/Computer Admin or Router Manufacturer for support


3. Open the Scanner folder:


-         Windows 2000/XP Users:  Click Start => (Settings) => Control Panel => Scanners And Cameras.


-         Windows Vista Users:  Click Start => Control Panel => Hardware And Sound => Scanners And Cameras.


-         Windows 7 Users:  Click Start => In the Search line type: Cameras => Click the link for View Scanners and Cameras.


4.  Make sure the Brother scanner is selected and click PROPERTIES or right click on the Brother scanner and click PROPERTIES.


NOTE:  If the scanner driver is not listed, then this is the cause of your issue.  You will need to install the Brother MFL-Pro software.


5.  Click on the Network Setting tab.


6.  Click the BROWSE button.  The computer will search for the Brother machine. 



-         If the machine is found successfully, ensure the IP address matches the address of the Brother machine.  Highlight the search result and click OK. 



-         If the machine isn't found successfully, then there is no communication between the devices over the network.  This may be caused by a firewall or other security program blocking communication.  Try to eliminate as many of these applications and try browsing again. Contact your network admin or computer manufacturer for further support.


7.  Change the setting to Specify Your Machine By Address.  The IP Address should match the machine's IP address found in the previous step or you can manually specify the machine's IP address.



8.  Click on the Scan To Button tab.


9.  Check Register your PC with the "Scan To" functions at the machine.


10.  Enter in an ID for your computer under Display Name.  This ID will show up on the Brother Machine when you use the Scan To option.


NOTE: You cannot have more than one computer on the network using the same ID.



11. Click OK.


12.  Attempt to scan again to verify that the issue is resolved.  If you are still unable to scan:


-         Verify that there are no security applications or firewalls running on the computer that could prevent network communication.


-         Attempt to scan from another network-connected computer.


These steps will help determine if the issue is specific to this computer.  If you can scan from other computers, then contact your computer manufacturer or network administrator for assistance troubleshooting this specific computer.



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