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How do I download and install (graphical steps) the Macintosh driver for DS scanner?

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Please follow the graphical steps to download and install the MAC driver for DS600 or DS700D.

1)    Go to


2)    Select a Product Group, the Model, click on the View Download button, and then follow the default steps to download the MAC driver.


3)    After downloading the driver to the MAC desktop. Double click on the DSmobile 600 Driver.pkg or DSmobile 700D Driver.pkg icon below to start the installation process.




4)    Click Continue button and follow the default/prompt steps until the installation is completed.





5)    Skip this step if you already performed the calibration steps after the installation


Open MAC Hard drive, double click on Applications folder, Utilities folder, and then DSmobile 600 Calibrator or DSmobile 700D Calibrator.



6)    Open MAC Hard drive, double click on Applications folder and Image Capture icon.




Click on Scan To field below to view or change the location of where the scan documents stored.



Click on Format field below to view or change the document type.



*NOTE:  If you are experiencing any issue using Image Capture application, please contact Apple for further support.

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