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How do I establish a Bluetooth connection?

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NOTE: This is a general guideline for Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. 

Unfortunately there is no standard method to find your Bluetooth printer and begin printing; each device contains a Bluetooth stack/driver that determines the steps. There are three main stacks currently available Microsoft, Toshiba and WIDCOMM/Broadcom. Below are general instructions for printing and note that these may change for different versions of the Bluetooth stacks or for different manufacturers. Consult the documentation for your device for specific details on your device.

One of the keys to a successful connection to your Brother PocketJet printer is the successful configuration of your computer to connect using the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP), and further, the linking of this connection to the printer.


For desktop and notebook computers connecting to a Windows Operating System, the configuration will typically require the following steps:

NOTE: If you are installing an external Bluetooth device, such as a USB Bluetooth Adapter, to your computer for the first time, you will first need to follow the manufacturer's installation procedure for the device. The instructions will most likely be based on the computer operating system, so be careful to follow the instructions that match your operating system. As part of this installation, software (either from the device manufacturer or the operating system) will be made available to you so that you can discover and connect many types of Bluetooth devices.

Familiarize yourself with the operation of the software that you have installed with your external Bluetooth device or that came with your Bluetooth enabled computer. Determine how your software allows you to discover devices and connect to them. Most manufacturers have detailed help files available from a "Help" tab in the software itself, or on the web.


A. In the Bluetooth manager of the PC or Laptop add a paired Bluetooth device

1.Make sure the Printer is turned on. If you have a PJ662 or PJ663 Printer, make sure the blue Bluetooth LED light is lit on the front release cover. If not, the Bluetooth may have been disabled or you have the USB cable still connected to the printer.

2. Select the printer - Once you have your PocketJet powered up, you will use your Bluetooth Management software to discover and connect to the printer.

3. Configure serial port (SPP – Serial Port Profile). Depending on your Bluetooth Device Manager, the Bluetooth Services for the Printer (SPP –Serial Port Profile) may be automatically set for you.  Establishing the SPP is a must. 

4. Select a COM port and complete the setup. Depending on your Bluetooth Device Manager, the selection of a COM port may be automatically set for you.  At some point, the software will advise you that a COM port has been assigned to this Serial Port Profile connection. Windows may even advise you of two COM ports, in which case you are only interested in the "Outbound" connection. The COM port will be identified by number - for example, COM4 or COM12. Take note of this number as it will be used when installing the printer driver in section B below.

NOTE: Under Windows 7 in Bluetooth devices, to identify the COM port that was just assigned, right click on the newly created icon and left click on Properties.  In properties click the Hardware Tab; under Device Functions you will see a Standard Serial over Bluetooth link and in Parenthesis, a COM number.  This is the COM number assigned by the Bluetooth Manager.

5. Complete pairing w/ passkey – If you are asked to provide a pin code or a passkey to connect to the PocketJet 3 or PocketJet 3 Plus, please enter the word “default”. For PocketJet 6 or PocketJet 6 Plus, the pin code is the last 4 digits of the serial number of the printer.  These are the factory default settings.

B. Add the Bluetooth connection to the system PJ printer driver or install a PJ printer driver

NOTE: Now that you have discovered your printer and connected to it, and a COM port has been assigned, you will use either a Brother installation CD or download to install the printer. During printer installation, drivers unique to the PocketJet are loaded. During this process, you will be asked to identify the port to which your printer is attached.

1. Add a new printer from “Printers and Faxes” or Select BT connection from driver installation.  In Windows installations, you will be asked if this is a "Local" or "Network" printer, YOU MUST CHOOSE “Local.”  You will be asked to identify the COM port. In most cases, the COMx port that you noted in section A step 4 will be one of the available options.

2. Set the printer to the Bluetooth COM port established in Bluetooth Manager.  If that COM port number assigned by the Bluetooth Device Manager software does not appear in the list, you will need to reboot your computer and run the driver install process again. 

NOTE: The COM port number selected in the printer driver installation must match the COM port number assigned by the Bluetooth manager.  This establishes the link between the application and the printer through the Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile).

3. Continue following the on screen instructions to finish installing your printer driver.

NOTE: In Windows 7 under devices and Printers, There will be two icons for the PocketJet printer.  One icon will be named with the model number and the last 4 digits of the serial number and if you hover over the icon and perform a right mouse click and you will see 4 options, Create shortcut, Troubleshoot, Remove Device, and Properties.  The second icon will be named with the model number and if you hover over the icon and perform a right mouse click you will see 8 options Set as default printer, Printing preferences, Printer Properties, Create shortcut, Troubleshoot, Remove Device, and Properties.  The second icon named with the model number and having 8 options is the printer that should be selected in your application.

CAUTION:  In Windows 7 DO NOT DELETE EITHER OF THE TWO PRINTER ICONS; even though the icon named with the model number is the one you will select when you print from your application, both printer icons are required by the system.






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