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My unit has no power, how do I resolve this?

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The scanner does not have a battery or an AC adapter.  The scanner is powered from the USB port.  Ensure that the USB cable is a good working cable of 6 feet or less in length; it is very important that the USB cable connections be properly and firmly connected to the scanner and the computer.  Because the scanner is powered from the USB port, the scanner will not work with USB hubs that do not supply power through the USB connections.  Connect the cable directly to the PC. 

The scanner does not have any power, online, or error indicators on the machine; we are dependent on the PC to tell us if the scanner has power and is working.


NOTE: The steps to find the scanner icon writer below are for the Windows XP operating system, these steps will vary depending upon which operating system you may have

With the scanner drivers and software installed correctly, connect the scanner to the PC and go to the CONTROL PANEL and double click on the Scanners and Cameras icon.  The Scanners and Cameras Properties dialog box will appear and in the box, if an icon for the scanner is present the scanner is power up and has communicated to the PC.  Unplug the USB cable and the scanner icon will disappear in about a minute, reconnect the USB cable and the icon should reappear in about a minute.  If the scanner icon does appear but the scanner will not calibrate the scanner may require service.  If the scanner driver and software are properly installed, and the scanner is working, pushing the button on the scanner should cause the Scanner EVENT dialog box to appear.  

If the scanner icon does not appear there are four possible problems:

1. The USB cable, try a known good working USB cable

2. The USB port on the PC, try plugging the USB cable into a known good working PC USB connector

3. The driver, remove and reinstall the driver

If these three are good then:

4. The scanner may require service


The machine has a one year limited warranty. If the machine requires service, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-276-8437 Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.



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