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How do I change the character Style setting of the machine?

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1. Hold down the Code key.


2. While holding down the Code key, press the number 1 key once (for Global Format) and then release the Code key.  One of thirteen format functions should be on the display.


Note:Global Format” affects the entire label, “Block Format” (Code and number 2 key) affects a particular block of text, and “Line Format” (Code and number 3 key) affects a particular line of text.


3. Press the Left or Right arrow key until “STYLE1” is displayed.  Below “STYLE1” is the current setting for this format function.


4. Press the Up or Down arrow key until the desire style is displayed.


Note:STYLE1” has 6 different styles to choose from, NORMAL, BOLD, OUTLINE, SOLID, SHADOW, and INVERT.


Note: For ITALIC and VERTICAL, press the Left or Right arrow key until “STYLE2” is displayed in step 3.  You can combine Style 1 and Style 2, for example BOLD and ITALIC.


5. Press the Return key (New Block), to apply the setting.


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