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The envelopes come out creased or wrinkled. What can I do?

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Most envelopes designed for laser printers will be suitable for your machine.  However, some envelopes may have feed and print-quality problems because of the way they have been made.  A suitable envelope should have edges with straight, well-creased folds and the leading edge should not be thicker than two sheets of paper.  The envelope should lie flat and not be of baggy or flimsy construction.  You should buy quality envelopes from a supplier who understands that you will be using the envelopes in a laser machine. 

We recommend that you print a test envelope to make sure the print results are what you want.


DO NOT use envelopes:


- That are damaged, curled, wrinkled, irregularly shaped, extremely shiny or textures envelopes.


- With clasps, staples, snaps, tie strings, self-adhesive components, windows, holes, cutouts or perforations.


- That are of a baggy construction, not sharply creased, embossed (have raised writing on them) or preprinted on the inside.


- That were previously printed by a laser / LED printer.


- That cannot be arranged when put in a pile.


- That are made of paper that weighs more than the paper weight specifications for the machine.


- With edges that are not straight or consistently square.


- With glue on surface as shown in the figure below:


- With double flaps as shown in the figure below:


- With sealing flaps that are not folded down when purchased.


- With sealing flaps as shown in the figure below:


- With each side folded as shown in the figure below:


NOTE: If you use any of the types of envelopes listed above, they may damage your machine.  This damage may not be covered under any Brother warranty or service agreement.


When the face-up output tray (back cover) is pulled down, the machine has a straight paper path from the manual feed slot through to the back of the machine.  Use this paper feed and output method when you want to print on envelopes. 


1. Open the back cover (face-up output tray).



2. For printing envelopes only: Pull down the two green levers, one of the left-hand side and one on the right-hand side.



3. Open the manual feed slot cover.



4. Using both hands, slide the manual feed paper guides to the width of the envelope that you are going to use.



5. Using both hands, put one envelope in the manual feed slot until the front edge touches the paper feed roller.  When you feel the machine pull it in, let go.



- Put one envelope into the manual feed slot with the side to be printed face up.


- Make sure that the envelope is straight and in the proper position on the manual feed slot.  If it is not, it may not be fed properly, resulting in a skewed printout or a paper jam.


- DO NOT put more than one envelope in the manual feed slot at any one time, as it may case a jam.


- If you put any media into the manual feed slot before the machine is in the Ready mode, the media may be ejected without being printed on.


6. Select the correct paper size, media type, and paper source in the printer properties.


a. Open the printer properties page.  An easy way to do this is to click File and then click Print with the document you are trying to print.


b. Click on Properties.



c. Click the drop-down arrow for Paper Size and select the correct envelope size.



d. Click the drop-down arrow for Media Type and select Envelopes.



e. Click the drop-down arrow for Paper Source First Page and select Manual.



f. Click OK until all boxes are closed and to send a print job.


g. Remember when you are done printing envelopes, you must open the back cover of the machine and reset the two green levers that were pulled down in STEP 2 back to their original positions.



7. Check how the envelope printed.


- If the envelope printed without wrinkling or creasing, discontinue troubleshooting.


- If the envelope wrinkled or creased during print and your machine is within warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your area by clicking on the link below: or contact Brother Customer Service by calling 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 


If your machine is out of warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center using the information listed above.




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