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How do I calibrate my scanner?

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Calibration is critical because it allows the image results to be “Balanced” for your computer and scanner combination.  If you switch the computer or the scanner that you use, you must calibrate again for quality results.  Should the quality of you scanned document diminish cleaning the scanner and calibrating again would be recommended. 

NOTE: Calibration can be performed using any TWAIN compliant application.  The DSmobileScan II software which comes on the DS600 scanner installation CD is such a program.

Note: The screen shots may be slightly different depending upon which scanner you have and which operating system you have.

First plug scanner into the USB port of your computer.  Let a few seconds pass while your PC recognized the scanner, then press the black button on the top of the scanner and select a TWAIN compliant application from the box. The following box should appear.



Press the custom button and the following will appear.



Press the calibration button and the following will appear.



Before pressing the calibration button insert the calibration sheet. 

NOTE: Please keep in mind that the special black and white glossy calibration sheet that came with your scanner is recommended to obtain a perfect calibration.

NOTE: The calibration sheet for the DS700D is double sided. 

The two sides of the calibration sheet for the DS600 and DS610 scanners are different and the proper orientation is important.


This side of the calibration sheet will be facing down when inserted into the scanner.



This side of the calibration sheet should be facing up when inserted into the scanner.


Continue to insert the calibration sheet until it stops or the scanner feeds in the top edge of the sheet.


Once the calibration sheet has been inserted, press the calibration button on the calibration page displayed on your PC.

The calibration sheet should start moving back and forth in the scanner.  The calibration sheet will finally be moved back to the insertion slot and the following will appear.


 Press the OK button you have successfully completed the calibration process.



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