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How do I perform a firmware update or firmware upgrade on my Brother machine?

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We strongly recommend that you read the installation notes before running the firmware update tool.  The information and installation notes will be displayed after clicking on "Download and Information" during the download process. 


This firmware update process may take up to 15 minutes.  Once starting the firmware update process do not restart or turn off your computer until the process completes.


1.    Navigate to download area for your Brother machine. 


a.    Go to:


b.    Select your country and language. Example: United States (English)


c.    Enter your Brother model number and click on Search


d.    Click on highlighted model name under search results.


e.    Click on Downloads.


f.     Select your Operating System.


g.    Select your Language.  English may be the default selection.


h.    Click on Search.


2.    A new screen will appear displaying various downloads available.


a.    Click on Firmware.


b.    You should see Firmware Update Tool showing version and to the right is Download & Information.


c.    Click on Download & Information.


d.    A new window will appear with information on how to Download and Install.  It is important to read these notes before downloading. 


3.    Start the Download process:


a.    Click on Download.


b.    A new window displaying Terms and Conditions will appear.  After reviewing and if you are in agreement, click on I Accept.


c.    A file download security window may appear with options to Run, Save or Cancel.  We recommend clicking on Run.   Several of these security windows may appear warning you about download, but we recommend on clicking on Run or Continue


4.    Once the Brother Firmware Update Tool starts the first window to be displayed is a notice about what information will be collected and where it will be stored.


a.    Click on I Accept if you agree to the terms.



b.    A window will appear with a warning message about specific data that will be deleted during the firmware update process.  Click Next to proceed, or click Cancel to stop the update process.



c.    The next window will prompt you for a password.  Please enter the password and click on OK to continue. 



d.    The update process has started.  This process may take up to 15 minutes. Do not switch off the machine and do not restart your computer during this process.



e.    When the process is completed the message "Successfully Completed" will appear.  Click on Done to close the window.  Your firmware has been updated.




NOTE: If your firmware has already been updated or does not need an update a window will be displayed briefly (less than 2 seconds) which will inform you that the update is not needed, then the window above will be displayed indicating process completed.  Click on Done to close window.


NOTE: The firmware update process may fail due to power failure or loss of network connection.  If this occurs please try the process again.  





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