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The printer does not print, or there is a printing error. What can I do?

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1.    Check the USB cable; insure that it is plugged in securely and that the cable is not damaged.

2.    Check the RD Roll to verify that it is installed correctly.  Remove and reinstall the RD Roll to insure that it is loaded correctly.  As shown in the illustration below, the paper unrolls from the underside of the RD Roll.


3.    Insure that the roll guides are touching the side of the RD Roll.  Remove the RD Roll and adjust the side guides to lightly touch the edge of the roll.



4.    Is there enough paper on the RD roll to print the job?  If not, replace the RD Roll.

5.    Insure that the RD Roll compartment cover is closed securely. 

6.    If there is a printer error or transmission error; turn the printer off and then on again to reset the unit. 

If the problem still occurs, contact Brother Customer Service at 1-800-255-0415.  

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