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How do I create a label for a file folder tab?

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Follow the steps below to create a label 3.2 inches long for a file folder tab.


1. Press the A/F key.


2. Press the Left or the Right arrow key until “File Tab” is displayed.


3. Press the OK key.


4. Enter the text for the label and then press the Print key.


Note: After the label is printed and cut off from tape cassette, there will be two dots printed at the beginning of the label, with a pair of scissors cut along the two dots (:) so that the text is center and the length is 3.2 inches long.


Note: If you do not wish to make any more file folder label, clear the setting by holding down the Shift key and press the BS key.  Next, press the Left or the Right arrow key until “Text&Format” is displayed and then press the OK key.

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