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How do I import my contact list from MS Outlook into the Ptouch Editor application?

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1. Open MS Outlook.

2. Click File menu and select Import and Export.

3. You will see the Import and Export Wizard window pops up, select Export to a file and click Next.

4. Select Comma Separated Values (DOS) and click Next.

5. Click on the Contacts icon and click Next.

6. “Under Save exported file as:, click Browse button (remember the location where you store/save this file), and under “File name:” field, type in or create a file name as MyContacts (or make up a name that you prefer).

7. Click Next and click Finish to complete the export process.

8. Open P-touch Editor application.

9. Click File menu.

10. Select Database and Connect.

11. Click Browse to the folder where you stored/saved the contact file that you've just exported.

12. Select the Contact file and click Open.

13. Click Next (you will see your contact information merges into the P-touch Editor application).





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