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How do I change the amount of time my Brother machine double-rings before answering in Fax/Tel Mode?

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When someone calls your Brother machine while it is in Fax/Tel Mode, you and the caller will initially hear the standard telephone ring.  Your Brother machine's Ring Delay setting determines the number of times it will produce the normal telephone ring.


- If the call is a fax, your Brother machine will receive it.


- If the call is a voice call, your Brother machine will produce a fast double-ring-called the F/T ring-for the amount of time you have programmed in the machine's F/T Ring Time setting.  If you hear the F/T ring, it means you have a voice caller on the line.


Only your Brother machine produces the F/T ring.  Extension and external telephones on the same line will not ring during the F/T Ring Time period; however, you can still answer the call on any telephone.



To adjust F/T Ring Time, follow these steps:


1. Press FUNCTION, 2 (Setup Receive), 2 (F/T Ring Time).


2. Press the LEFT OR RIGHT ARROW key to select the amount of time you want the Brother machine to double ring.


- You can select 20, 30, 40, or 70 seconds.


NOTE: Even if the caller hangs up during the double ringing, the machine will keep ringing for the amount of time you selected.


3. Press the SET key.


4. Press the STOP key.

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