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Description of Problem 100000028422

After the Macintosh driver installed successfully but the Ptouch Label printer was not found under the Print & Scan window.

How do I add or install the Ptouch Label printer driver correctly?

Description of Solution 200000036435

Please perform the following steps to manually add in the PTouch Label printer CUPs driver to your Macintosh system.

Note: IF your PTouch Label model is not found. Make sure the P-Touch Label printer is powered on and the USB cable connects directly between the PTouch Label machine and Macintosh USB port. For QL-700/PT-P700 model, if the PLite (Editor Lite) button is ON (green light) then turn it OFF.

1. In the Desktop area, click Go menu, and Applications

2. Double click on System Preferences, Print & Scan

3. Click on + and under Default tab, scroll down to the bottom to find your PTouch Label model

4. Under Use: field, click the drop down arrow and select Brother PTouch QL CUPS driver and then click Add button.


Note: If you are receiving an error message, (This application is incompatible with Air Print printer driver.) after launching the PTouch Editor Application, please set the Brother PTouch Label printer as a default printer as an example below:

1. Under the Add window in step 4 above, select the Brother PTouch Label model and under Use: field, click dropdown arrow to select Other

2. Select the following folders to find the CUPS driver for your model: 

Macintosh HD/Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources

3.  Select your PTouch Label model, click Open button, and then Add button.


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