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Description of Problem 100000028423

How do I create a label using Rotate and Repeat mode to wrap around a cable (wire)?

Description of Solution 200000036436

1. Press the Label Type key.


2. Press the Up or Down arrow until “ROT-REP” is displayed.


3. Press the Return key (below the Down arrow key), the display shows “BLK LEN.”.  The number below is the Length of the label.


4. Press the Up or Down arrow to change the Length.  You can also enter the length amount with the number key.


5. Press the Return key; the display should show the Length setting and that Rotate & Repeat (R & R) mode is selected.




6. Enter the text for and press Print.


Note: Always use Flexible ID tape cassette for wrap around cables.  When wrapping Flexible ID Tape around cylindrical objects, the diameter of the object should be at least 1/8" (3 mm), otherwise the FLAG Label Type mode should be used.  In addition, the overlapping ends of the label should be at least 3/16" (5 mm).


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