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Description of Problem 100000028812

How do I clear black vertical lines when I make a copy or scan an image into the PC?

Description of Solution 200000036955

Black vertical lines that appear on the images you scan into the computer and copies you make are typically caused by dirt or correction fluid on ADF or scanner unit. 


The scanner unit is the mechanism that reads in the documents that are being copied, scanned or transmitted.


1.  To verify the issue only occurs when scanning or copying, print a User Settings List by pressing MENU, 6 (Machine Info.), 4 (User Settings), START.  After the last page prints, press STOP/EXIT.


-  If the list printed OK, continue to the next step.


-  If the list printed with vertical lines, refer to the solution - "The printed pages have black vertical lines or streaks. How can I improve the print quality?"


2.  This problem is usually resolved by cleaning the ADF glass and the ADF pressure bar located on the underside of the document cover.


3.  Lift the document cover.


4.  Clean the following areas on the flatbed with a lint-free cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol:



a.  The white pressure bar located to the left of the white film.


b.  The thin glass strip located to the left of the flat bed glass.


5. Test the machine by making a copy.  To make a copy:


a.  Place the document face up in the ADF.  


b.  Adjust the paper guides (1) to the width of the paper.




c.  Press the START key. 


-  If the lines still appear, repeat the cleaning STEPS 4a - 4b. In addition to cleaning the small glass strip, run your fingertip over the glass to see if you can feel anything on it. If you feel any debris stuck on the glass, clean the glass again concentrating on that area. You may need to repeat the cleaning process 3 or 4 times to eliminate all dirt or debris on the glass.  After each cleaning make a copy to test.


-  If the lines are gone, continue to to verify the firmware version.


6. Perform the following steps to verify the firmware version:


a.  Brother recommends the machine to have the latest firmware to ensure the machine is working at the optimum settings.


b.  At the same time, press the * (asterisk/star) and # (pound) keys on the numeric key pad of the machine panel. 


NOTE:  If the first line of the LCD shows * and/or #, press STOP/EXIT and try again until several letters and numbers are displayed in the top row of the LCD.


c.  Once several letters and numbers display in the top row of the LCD, the first letter on the left side is the firmware version.  Record the firmware version in the call comments.


-  If the firmware version is K or higher, this firmware version is fine. Go to STEP 7.


-  If the firmware version is J or lower, the firmware will need to be updated to the latest version. A firmware update tool is available that will allow you to update the Brother machine with the most recent version firmware by downloading updates over the Internet.


d.  To update the firmware, refer to the solution - "How do I perform a firmware update or firmware upgrade on my Brother machine?"


-  If the copy comes out normal, discontinue troubleshooting.


-  If the copy is still has black vertical lines, continue to STEP 7.


7.  If the problem continues after several cleanings and your machine is within warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center (ASC) in your area by clicking on the link below: or contact Brother Customer Service by calling 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 


If your machine is out of warranty, you can locate a Brother Authorized Service Center using the information listed above.


NOTE: If it is determined that the problem was strictly maintenance related and not a mechanical malfunction, the service will not be covered under the warranty and the customer will be responsible for the ASC charges.

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