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How do I scan a business card from the PC using BizCard 6 on the Windows operating system?

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1.    The scanner, should be plugged into an AC outlet or USB port, and powered up. 

2.    Launch the application by clicking on the Icon on the desktop or from the Start Menu by browsing to NEWSOFT and clicking on Presto! BizCard 6.


3.     The program will launch and display the following initial screen. 

4.    Slide the paper guides on the (ADS2000, ADS2500W, ADS1000W and the ADS1500W) to the center of the machine and Insert the business card face down with the top edge of the card facing to the right.

5.    For DSmobile models (DS620, DS720D, DS820W and DS920DW), place the card length wise, face down, with the top edge inserted first.  Move the guide to the business card mark.

6.    Click Scan from the menu bar.

7.    The following screen appears.  By default the TWAIN driver is not set to a page size suitable for scanning bussiness cards.  Select the drop down arrow on the Document Size selection and choose the size for your needs.  

8.    Make your selection as shown above and Click the Start button on the scanner dialog screen.


9.    The card will be scanned and loaded to the BizCard 6 database.  The software will automatically OCR the card and attempts to populate the related fields.  You may click on the EDIT tab at the top of the database screen to make any needed changes.


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