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How do I program the date and time on my Brother machine?

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When your Brother machine is idle, its LCD displays the date and time.  If you have programmed the Station ID, your Brother machine will print the date and time on each fax you send. 


To program the date and time, follow these steps:



1. Press .



2. Press .


3. Press DATE.


4. Enter the last two digits of the current year on the Touchscreen.


5. Press OK.





6. Enter the two digits of the current month on the Touchscreen.


7. Press OK.


8. Enter the two digits for the current day on the Touchscreen.


9. Press OK.


10. Press CLOCK TYPE.


11. Press 12H CLOCK or 24H CLOCK.


12. Press TIME.


13. Do one of the following:


- If you pressed 24H CLOCK, enter the current time in 24-hour (military) format.


For example, enter 1, 3, 3, 0 for 1:30 PM.


- If you pressed 12H CLOCK, follow these steps:


a. Enter the current time in 12-hour format.



b. Press  to select AM or PM.


c. Press OK.





14. Press .

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