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How do I install the Brother MFL-Pro suite from the CD in Windows XP, Vista or 7 using the USB interface?

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To connect your Brother machine to your computer using a USB interface follow the steps listed below:


1.  Ensure that you are logged on to your computer with Administrator rights.


2.  Close any applications running before installing the MFL-Pro Suite.


3.  Ensure the machine is powered off and the interface cable is disconnected before attempting to install.  For applicable models, ensure there is no USB flash drive inserted in the machine.


4.  Insert the software CD that is compatible for your Operating System into your CD-ROM drive. If the model name screen appears, choose your machine. If the language screen appears, choose your language.


NOTE:  If the CD does not automatically run, double click on My Computer on your desktop, or click Start => Computer.  Then double click on the Brother MFL-Pro Suite icon to run the CD.


5. The CD-ROM main menu will appear. Click Install MFL-Pro Suite.



6. After reading the ScanSoft PaperPort SE License Agreement, click YES if you agree to the terms.


7. The installation of PaperPort SE will automatically start and is followed by the installation of MFL-Pro Suite.


8. When the Brother MFL-Pro Suite Software License Agreement window appears, click YES if you agree to the Software License Agreement.


9.  Choose Standard and then click NEXT.


10. When prompted to connect the cable, connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the Brother machine and to an available USB port on your computer



NOTE:  Brother recommends you use a type A/B USB cable that is no longer than 6 feet directly connected from the machine to your computer.  Other cable configurations may work, but connection loss is common.


11. Turn the Brother machine on.  The installation should automatically continue.


12. The installation will continue automatically and the screens will appear one after another.  Please wait. It will take a few moments for all the screens to appear. Do not try to cancel any of the screens during this installation. 


NOTE: If a Windows Security screen appears, click the check box and click Install to complete the installation correctly.


13. If you receive the Environmental Advice for Imaging Equipment screen, click NEXT to continue the installation.


14.  When the On-Line Registration screen is displayed, make your selection and follow the instructions.


15.  When the Setup Complete window appears, you may enable (check) or disable (uncheck) any of the following settings as desired and then click NEXT to continue the installation:


-      Enable Status Monitor on Startup.

-      Set as Default Printer



16. Select Yes, I want to restart my computer now.  Click Finish.  After restarting the computer, you must log on with Administrator rights.



17. When the computer restarts, the following screens will appear:


-      When the Software Update Setting screen appears, choose the software update setting you wan and click OK.


-      If the Brother Product Research & Support Program starts up, follow the on-screen instructions if you would like to participate.


NOTE: Internet access is required for the software update and the Brother Product Research & Support Program.




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