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How do I install PaperPort 12 SE from the CD disk that came with my Brother machine?

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This software is not compatible with Windows 2000.  To install this software, you will need the software disc that came with the Brother machine.


1.  Insert the Brother driver CD into your computer.   If the disc begins to run automatically, exit from the main menu.

2.  Go to (My) Computer.

3.  Right click on the CD Drive labeled MFL-PRO, and select Open or Explore depending on your Operating System.

4.  Double click on the folders labeled PaperPort => PaperPort

5.  Double click on Setup.exe

NOTE:  Depending on your computer's settings, the .exe extension may not display.

6.  Select English (United States) and click OK.

7.  Click NEXT.


8.  On the License Agreement, choose: I Accept The Terms In The License Agreement and click NEXT.

9.  Enter your information and click NEXT.

10. Choose Complete and click NEXT.


11.  You may check the option to create PaperPort icon on the desktop.

12.  Click INSTALL.

13. Choose a Registration option, then click OK.

14.  Click FINISH.

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