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Description of Problem 100000029530

Why does the machine display "Low Battery!" or "Battery Dead!"?

Description of Solution 200000037952

This message appears when the batteries in the machine are getting weak (If using rechargeable batteries, test machine with all new alkaline batteries).  When replaced, replace ALL six "AAA" batteries with all new alkaline batteries, NOT just two or three batteries.  If the batteries have already been replaced, try another set of batteries, one bad battery in the set can cause the error message to appear.


1.  Open the back cover and remove all the batteries from the machine.


2.  Examine the battery terminals to see if there are any abnormalities.  They should be

     bright metallic in appearance and look the same next to each other.


3.  Insert the first three batteries (bottom set) with their “+” POSITIVE ends pointing

     toward the right edge of the machine.


4.  Insert the last three batteries (top set) with their "+" POSITIVE ends pointing toward the

     left edge of the machine.


5.  Close the back cover and try printing out a label.


If the problem persists, your machine may require service.      


The machine has a one year limited exchange warranty. If the machine is in warranty, call Brother Customer Service at 1-877-Brother (1-877-276-8437) for warranty options.


If the machine is out of warranty, contact a Brother Authorized Service Center for repair by clicking on the link below:

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