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Description of Problem 100000029627

Why am I unable to cut off the label?

Description of Solution 200000038085

1. Ensure that the back cover is latched onto the machine; the cutter will not work if it is not completely close.


2. Open the back cover; ensure the Cutter Blade unit and the Cutter Board are installed in the machine.


Note: The Cutter Blade unit and Cutter Board are the two yellow plastic parts by the tape exit area.


3. The Cutter Board could be deteriorated, try using the other side of the board.  Lift up the Cutter Board, rotate it 180 degree so that the opposite side of the board is facing the cutter and reinstall back into the machine.




4. If the problem persists, replace both the Cutter Blade and Cutter Board (accessory stock # TC5 include the cutter and the board).  You can order the TC5 directly from Brother Accessory Sales Department at 1-877-552-6255 or at our website at


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