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Description of Problem 100000030390

I have the message Replace Pad what should I do?

Description of Solution 200000039094

The message Replace Pad indicates that the Separation Pad needs to be replaced with a new one.


Your machine is equipped with a scan counter. The counter automatically counts how many times the machine has scanned. When the machine scans 50,000 times, the machine will display the message Replace Pad on the Status Monitor to remind you to replace the Separation Pad.


NOTE: Your Brother machine will have a problem scanning documents if you do not replace the Separation Pad.


Please follow the steps below to replace the Separation Pad.

  1. Open the Top Cover (1) then the Front Cover (2) by pulling the Cover Release Lever (3) toward you.

  1. Press the tab on each side of the Separation Pad cover toward the center of the cover (1) on the inside of the Front Cover and then pull the Separation Pad Cover (2) open.

Caution: DO NOT touch the metal part of the Separation Pad Cover. Doing this may cause injury to you and serious damage to the machine.


  1. Press he tab on each side of the Separation Pad toward the center of the pad assembly (1) and then pull the Separation Pad (2) upward.

  1. Attach a new Separation Pad into the Separation Pad Cover while supporting the cover.

  1. Close the Separation Pad Cover until it clicks.
  2. Close the Front Cover and the Top Cover.
  3. Reset the usage counter.

NOTE: Please reset the usage counter only when you replaced the Separation Pad with a new one.


If you have access to the web and would like to see the above process performed please click on the following link.


For instructions on resetting the usage counter please refer to I replaced the separation pad and or the Pick-up roller and the counters did not reset what can I do?

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