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Description of Problem 100000030788

When I attempt to scan using control center, I receive the error message: XXX-XXXX cannot be found. Error CC4-202. What can I do?

Description of Solution 200000039552

1.       Verify the date and time is displayed on the LCD and the interface cable is securely connected for local users. If the LCD displays an error message, troubleshoot to clear the error.  For local connections, ensure the cable is 6 ft or less, directly connected between the computer and Brother Machine.


2.       Ensure that you can scan in another program such as MS Paint, Scanner and Camera Wizard, or Windows Photo Gallery depending on the operating system. If  your are unable to scan into another program, then this solution DOES NOT apply.  Troubleshoot the general scanning functionality.


3.       Attempt to scan from the Brother Control Center to verify the issue.


a.       Insert the document into the scanner’s feeder.

b.      Double click on the ControlCenter icon and click IMAGE to activate the scanner. If the image scanned the issue is resolved if not, continue to STEP 4.


4.       If you do not have Internet access, continue to STEP 5.  Otherwise, you can connect to the Internet and go to:


a.       Click SAVE and save the file to the Desktop or Downloads folder

b.      Once the download is complete, locate the Twain Reset file on the Desktop/Downloads folder and Run the file.

c.       If prompted, click OK to reset the default twain source.

d.      Restart the computer.

e.      Attempt to scan again using the ControlCenter:


                                                               i.      If the image scanned the issue is resolved. 

                                                             ii.      If the error occurs again, continue to STEP 5.


5.       Uninstall and reinstall the software:


6.       Before you uninstall, ensure that the customer has the compatible driver disc or the ability to download the software to be reinstalled.


7.       Click Start => All Programs => Brother => MFL-Pro or XXX-XXXX (Machine's Model) => Uninstall.


8.       For Windows 8:  Move the mouse’s cursor or pointer to Top or Bottom right corner => Settings  =>  Control Panel  => Under Programs, click Uninstall a Program => MFL-Pro or XXX-XXXX (Machine's Model) => Uninstall.


9.       You will be asked if you are sure you want to remove this software.  Click YES.


10.   A Brother MFL-PRO Uninstaller will appear. Click OK.  The un-installation will begin.


11.   Once the software has been uninstalled, choose Yes, I want to restart my computer now and click FINISH.  The computer will now restart.


12.   The MFL-Pro Suite has now been removed from your PC.   Now that the Brother software is uninstalled have the customer disable all anti-virus, spyware, and registry cleaning software and reinstall the Brother MFL-Pro software using the disc or the download.


13.   Once the Brother software is installed test by scanning from the Brother ControlCenter. 


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