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Description of Problem 100000031162

How do I import the company or any logo/image onto the Ptouch Editor application?

Description of Solution 200000040056

Please perform the following steps to import your logo/image into the P-Touch Editor application:

1.    Open the P-Touch Editor Application

2.    Click Insert menu, Picture, and From File…

3.    Under Look in:, click the drop down arrow, select a location (i.e. C:\Users\<User Name>\Pictures) where your image/logo is stored, click on the image/logo, and then click Open button

Note: Your image/logo must be in one of the following format: Bitmap (*.bmp, *.dib), JPEG file (*.jpg, *.jpeg), TIFF file (uncompressed) (*.tif ), GIF file (*.gif ), Icon (*.ico), Windows Meta File (*.wmf, *.emf) (*Image adjustment is not allowed.), PNG file (*.png)


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