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Description of Problem 100000031340

How do I set or change the Vistor Badge and Management template to use the PC's date and time stamp?

Description of Solution 200000040273

Please perform the following steps to edit and modify one of the existing templates (16.lbx) to use the PC’s date & time stamp:


Go to this folder => Local Disk (C:)\Program Files\Brother\VM-100\Template\Badge\Standard Name Badges


Double click on 16.lbx, right click on Arrival: below, select Properties, click Expanded tab, under Object Name: field, rename it to Print Date Time and then click OK.





Note: When you are done you can just rename this template to a new name (e.g. 16_NewTemplate.lbx) by clicking on File menu, Save As, under File name: field, rename it, and then click Save button.



Open VM-100 application, logon under Administrator, click Options, under General tab, click Browse to select a template 16.lbx (or a new template that you’ve just created and saved), click OK, and then Exit.



Logon Self Check-in or Reception under VM-100 application, you will see the date & time on this new template will be the same as your PC’s date & time.


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