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Why do I get an error message "printer is offline or no media is installed" while printing to the Ptouch/Label printer?

Description of Solution 200000040300

Turning ON/OFF the power while displaying the print monitor screen may cause off-line of the PTouch/Label driver and impossibility of printing.  Please follow the steps below to check PTouch/Label printer driver whether it is off-line or not.

              i.        The USB cable may be broken or have a problem.
Try a known good working USB cable.

             ii.        The USB port on the computer may have a problem.
Try plugging the USB cable into a known good working computer USB connector.

For Windows 8 Users:
Move the mouse cursor/pointer to the Bottom right or Top right => Search => Settings => Type in => Devices and Printers

For Windows 7 Users:
Click Start => Devices and Printers

For Windows Vista Users:
Click Start => Control Panel => Hardware and Sound => Printers

For Windows XP Users:
Click Start => Control Panel => (Printers and Other Hardware) => Printers and Faxes (If Printers and Faxes is visible within the Start Menu, click on the Printers and Faxes icon.)

Turn ON/OFF the power of the P-touch/Label printer a few times. If this procedure is unable to make the PTouch/Label printer on-line then restart the computer. 

If this problem continues to occur, please remove the current driver. 


Click Here for the printer driver information cleanup tool. Use this to remove the currently installed driver.


Click HERE to download and install the latest PTouch/Label printer driver.


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