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How to set up a Brother RJ-4040 printer to print on iOS (iPhone/iPad) via Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure?

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How to set up a Brother RJ-4040 printer to print on iOS (iPhone/iPad) via Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure

1)    Do not connect the Brother RJ-4040 printer to the PC with the USB cable yet (If connected, disconnect it for now.  You will need to reconnect the Brother RJ4040 later in these instructions).  Download the Windows driver (to a folder which can be easily found after the download completes) according to what operating system is installed (Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows XP, etc.), from this link:

2)    Next, find the file and double-click on it to open it.  Choose the desktop, or somewhere easy to remember where the files will be extracted to, then click Unzip:

3)    Go to the folder to which the files were unzipped, and open it.

These files will be listed.  Double click on the D_SETUP.exe file to run it.

Click Next here:

4)    Select Local Connection (USB), and click Next:

5)    This screen will appear when the driver has completed installing.  Click Finish:

6)    Next, connect the RJ-4040 printer to the computer with a USB cable.  The printer will be installed, and you will see a printer ICON called ‘Brother RJ-4040’ in the printer list (Start button -> Printers and Devices for Windows Vista/7 users, or Start -> Control Panel -> Printers and Faxes for Windows XP users, Search for Printers for Windows 8 users)

7)    Right click on the Brother RJ-4040 printer ICON, and select “Printer Properties” (WinVista-Win8), or “Properties” (WinXP).

8)    Next, click on the Device Settings Tab, then Network Setting Tool, and then Properties:



9)    This will bring up the Network Setting Tool.  First, click on the “Wireless Settings” option:
10.A)  Ad-Hoc Mode:

From this screen, select Ad-hoc as the Communication Mode, and give the printer an SSID name (something easy to find from your iPhone/iPad).  Encryption Mode is optional.  Skip to step 11.A.

10.B)  Infrastructure Mode:


Click on the “Search…” button.  There will be a loading screen, and then a list of available WiFi networks within the RJ-4040’s range:

Click on the preferred network, and click ‘OK’.

Match the network settings to the router settings, including Authentication Method, Encryption Mode, and WEP Key or Passphrase, and authentication information (if applicable)(if you do not have this information, contact your Network Administrator), then click ‘Apply’ and skip to step 11.B:

10) Next, select the TCP/IP (Wireless) option.
11.A) Ad-Hoc Mode: Match these settings.

11.B) Infrastructure Mode: Match these settings. (Note: For a static IP address, contact your Network Administrator)

Click “Apply”, and the printer should now automatically restart.  Unplug the USB cable at this point.  While the printer is restarting, it will attempt to connect to the router and acquire an IP address.  Once this completes, and the WiFi light is solid and no longer blinking, make sure paper is loaded into the printer, then press and hold the Feed button on the printer until the power light starts flashing to check what network settings were assigned to the printer.


11) Confirm that the blue WiFi light on the printer is lit.  If the light is off, press and hold the WiFi button for about two seconds until it turns on.

12) For Ad-Hoc Mode only (skip to step 15 for Infrastructure Mode), go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone/iPad.  Tap “Wi-Fi”.  There will be a list of available Wi-Fi networks, and the printer should be listed as what it was named it in step 10.A.  Tap the printer name, and the iPhone/iPad will connect to it.  Wait roughly 30 seconds for your device to completely establish the connection with the printer. 


13) Tap the blue arrow as seen below to the right of the printer name.


14) Change Auto-Join to ‘ON’, and make sure your device has information filled in like below.  If this area is blank, back out, wait another 30 seconds, and check again.  If you still cannot see anything similar to the below screen shot, contact Technical Support.


15) You will now need to download our free app off of the iTunes store.  From iTunes, search for “RJ-4040 Print”.  Download the app, and launch it.

16) You will see this screen the first time you launch the app.  Tap on the ‘Print Settings’ button:

17) Tap on “IP Address”.  Tap again on the numbers listed to change them
17.A) Ad-Hoc Mode: Change the address to “”
17.B) Infrastructure Mode: Change the IP address to the address from step 11.B.

Tap the “Print Settings” button to take you back.

18) Adjust your paper settings appropriately, according to what you have in the printer and then return to the RJ-4040 Print app home page.  The RJ-4040 is now ready to print.


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