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Description of Problem 100000031813

How do I setup and import the MAC's database (CSV, TXT) into the Ptouch Editor application?

Description of Solution 200000040882

1.       Open the PTouch Editor application

2.       Click File menu, Database, Connect, Browse and then go to the location/folder where you place your .CSV or .TXT file, click Next, and then OK

Note: The file format must be in CSV or TXT format. If you have other format, you will need to convert it to CSV or TXT format before you can import it into the PTouch Editor application.

3.       After the file was imported successfully

4.       Click Database menu, Merge into Layout, and you will see the Merge Field window appears

5.       Hold down a Command key and use mouse’s cursor/pointer to select the field(s) that you want to merge into the PTouch Editor’s screen layout and then click OK

6.       Click a Pointer/Arrow icon (next to A icon and right below New/Open icon)

7.       You can click and drag each field and arrange the label layout the way you wanted (inside the dash lines).

Note: You can also double click on a field to edit or change the font type and size.

8.       When you are ready to print, click File, Print, Show Details (to display/select the printing options), and then click Print button

9.       To save a template, click File, Save As, name your label template, and then click Save

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